Magalassi foundation

2020 "We matter" logo design contest

Design the 2020 "We Matter" t-shirt logo and win a $100 QuikTrip gift card!

Every life is valuable, and your We Matter logo design will make a difference!

The Rules

  • Your design must include the words "We Matter" and may include artwork.  Note that artwork is not necessary, but the design must include the words "We Matter".
  • Your design may be hand drawn or a computer graphic.
  • Your entry may be submitted via text to 918.519.2077 or email to
  • You may send a scanned image, a photo of your design, or an electronic file.
  • You may submit more than one entry.
  • The deadline for submissions is March 9, 2020.
  • Text questions to Michele at 918.519.2077.
  • Be creative!
  • The printable, promotional flyer can be found here.

Good luck students!