know the warning signs

Abrupt changes in personality

Giving away possessions

Previous suicide attempt

Use of drugs and/or alcohol

Change in eating pattern - significant weight change

Change in sleeping pattern - insomnia/oversleeping

Unwillingness or inability to communicate


Extreme or extended boredom

Accident prone (carelessness)


Unusual sadness, discouragement and loneliness

Talk of wanting to die


Neglect of academic work and/or personal appearance

Chronic Pain, Panic or Anxiety

Family disruptions - divorce, trauma, losing loved one

Confusion - Inability to concentrate

Running away from home or truancy from school

Rebelliousness - reckless behavior

Withdrawal from people/activities they love

Know the risk factors

Problems with school or the law

Breakup of a romance

Unexpected pregnancy

Loss of security...fear of authority, peers, group or gang members

Stress due to new situations; college or relocating to a new community

Failing in school or failing to pass an important test

A serious illness or injury to oneself

Seriously injuring another person or causing another person's death (example: automobile accident) 

Major loss...of a loved one, a home, divorce in the family, a trauma, a relationship

A stressful family life. (having parents who are depressed or are substance abusers, or a family history of suicide)